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- Raw Diet Myths

    Remember that dogs have been around for over 20,000 years—long before there was a veterinarian or a kibble manufacturer on planet Earth
  • Kibble is the one right food.  Invented in the early 1900s, kibble is big business whose marketing goal is to convince you their product out-performs Mother Nature.  Most people are suckered.  Dogs successfully evolved and are alive today only because their ancestors ate real food.  Real Food!
  • Eating raw meat will make my dog want to kill other animals.  The instinct to chase and kill depends on each dog’s prey drive.  Every dog is different! 
  • Bones are dangerous.  Cooked bones splinter. Raw bones are what dogs have always eaten.  Always!
  • What about salmonella and E. coli in dogs?  Typically a fear-based belief often beginning with vets. A healthy dog’s immune system can handle these bacteria; people can’t.  Practice good raw meat sanitation.  Simple!
  • My vet says not to feed raw1.  Ask: Why?  Then think about the answer. How does that fit with your knowledge of carnivore food needs and canine anatomy?  Think!
  • Feeding raw is expensive.  Cost is about the same as premium quality kibble.  Long term health benefits (especially veterinary costs) far outweigh slightly higher food cost.  Put in context with your daily discretionary spending for cable TV, designer coffee, alcohol, etc.  A no-brainer!
    • In 2014, I spent about $1.40 per day per dog on real food - far less than I spent on some daily discretionary items for myself.
    • Do the math!  How are you willing to adjust your daily spending to ensure your dogs eats healthier?

1 =    I recently had occasion to take Raven (15yo Flat-Coated Retriever) to a new veterinarian to examine a skin lump.

BACKGROUND: Raven's details are here, but, in summary, she's been raw fed since I fostered her in 2009 (7 yrs).  She weighs 50lbs and is a fit dog.

    Before beginning his exam, the vet asked a number of questions including, "What are you feeding her?"  When I replied that she is raw fed, that was all it took for him to show his ignorance of canine nourishment.  That started his rant.
    I interrupted and explained that I've been raw feeding dogs for over 15 years (since before he began vet school), that I have done and continue to do extensive research, and that Raven's annual blood work (CBC and chemistry) results are perfect.  I stopped myself, took a breath, and asked him what he would recommend.
    He said, "There are plenty of good products out there made just for senior dogs."
    I asked if he would recommend the Royal Canin senior product offered by this clinic? He replied, "sure."
    I asked, Which one?" since Royal Canin offers multiple kibbles and canned products for senior dogs.
    He said he'd go look but I stopped him and said I'd save him the time and offered, "Don't bother, I've already checked your products while in the waiting room, and not one of them comes close to the nourishment Raven gets every single day on raw.  If you'd like, I'm happy to drop off sample weekly meal list and supplements."
    That did it.  No more talk of food.  Another fine example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect at work.
    "Here, let me see the lump," he said.