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- BARF & Your Veterinarian

    Many veterinarians, schooled only in Western veterinary medicine, oppose feeding dogs a real raw diet—any food that doesn’t come from a bag or can.  You’d be wise to find a veterinarian with personal experience feeding a BARF (Biologically Appropriate Real Food) diet.  Alternatively, you may have to coach your vet regarding a BARF diet.

    You and your veterinarian must function as a team, dedicated to the complete health of your dog. Team members learn from each other.

    Please note that I have the highest regard for veterinarians-especially those practicing sound science-based veterinary medicine.   In my opinion, veterinarians deserve the highest respect and admiration for choosing their profession, spending the time and money on their education, only to be faced with public that expects them to perform miracles on animals that cannot communicate and tell them where it hurts, and do this for minimal cost.