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- Before You Begin

  1. Knowledge.  Before changing to a BARF diet, review this web site for an overview.  Then consult either a veterinarian experienced in raw feeding, a canine nutritionist experienced in raw feeding, or a group1 experienced in feeding a raw diet.  It is important to provide nourishing balanced-over-time meals, to know what to expect, and to learn food buying and preparation tips.  At the very least read Lew Olsen’s book.
  2. Medical.  Establish a baseline for your dog: Get a complete blood count (CBC) and chemistry, and a general physical exam.  Thereafter, annual blood tests will help you monitor your dog's health.  See References for blood test info.

1 = Try searching Yahoo Groups for raw dog or  raw fed dog and then try refining your search to include a breed, condition, nearby city, etc.  Group members may also provide local veterinarian suggestions.