Food & Feeding

    All of us are ignorant of some things in life.
    What constitutes healthy food for dogs should not be one of them.

As you view this site, consider this:
Fact 1: Dogs have been around at least 20,000 years.
Fact 2: Kibble (dry dog food) was invented about 1900.

Question 1: What did dogs eat for those 20,000 years that allowed them to successfully evolve until kibble was invented? 
Corollary: If real raw food is bad for dogs - and that is all they had to eat for those 20,000 years - why didn't they go extinct?
Question 2: When you bring a sick dog to a reputable veterinarian why is one of the first questions she/he asks: "What are you feeding her?"

Variety is how dogs obtained meals nutritionally balanced over time - not every meal (just like you & me).
Dogs can no longer find/choose their own food but depend on you and me to make wise, healthy choices.
Therefore we must provide a variety of healthy nutritious foods consistent with what their bodies need.

Well, there is one more thing...
    I occasionally hear, and read, that there are no scientific studies proving that real raw food is healthier than kibble (raw food as formulated by Mother Nature vs. kibble as formulated by agribusiness).  My response is:
    Exactly who is going to fund such a study?  Certainly not a kibble manufacturer and no independent organization has the finances to fund a study.  Besides, as noted above, if real raw food was unhealthy, dogs would be extinct!
    One only has to apply a little critical thinking to see the foolishness of such a statement - even from otherwise intelligent people.