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- Who Owns What?

    Many 'pet food' companies in the US are subsidiaries of major multinational corporations. Within each company, expect the same or similar ingredients but in a different order.
  • Nestlé/Purina: Alpo, Beneful, Dog Chow, Chef-Michael’s, Pro Plan, Purina One, Merrick
  • Colgate/Hill's: Science Diet, Prescription Diet
  • Mars: Eukanuba, Iams, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Karma, Mother Nature, The Good Life Recipe, Nutro, Pedigree, Royal Canin
  • Smuckers/Big Heart: Natural Balance, Nature's Recipe, Gravy Train, Kibbles ‘n Bits
    Within each product line you may encounter an overwhelming number of variations targeting breeds, ages, conditions, etc.  That is marketing at it's best (worst).  Do not fall for it.  Simply refer to Dog Food Hierarchy and Ingredients: What to Look For and buy the most premium quality food you can afford - keeping in mind you are feeding a meat-eating carnivore who depends on  you to make smart and healthy food choices for her.