In times of natural disasters, don't forget the animals.
    I support Red Rover but there is also the ASPCA and Humane Society among others.
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    My passion/mission is to help dogs live healthier lives by eating healthier food.
    I can’t help all dogs, but I can help some - starting with yours.
    You can help dogs too - share this web site with others.

    If you have one take-away from visiting this web site, please spend a few minutes learning about the Hierarchy of healthy dog food. Download the Hierarchy PDF for your reference. 

To watch real raw feeding videos, search You Tube Channels for raw feeding dogs (or Raw Fed dog...or cat).  Also, search for specifics (e.g. raw fed Pomeranian , Golden Retriever, puppies).
NOTE: You will find that people have different ideas of what constitutes healthy nourishing food for dogs. I strongly advise you to learn from the Food & Feeding references here.  Raw feeding is not complicated but you must know that healthy food for dogs is not the same as healthy food for humans.  Learn!  Share what you learn.

    I've learned that you get the most 'Bang-for-the-Buck' in dog care by feeding nourishing food.  Why?  Well, you already know the answer but probably have not thought it through as applied to your dog: You are what you eat.
Basically, your body's ability to fight pathogens and prevent disease is largely accomplished by your immune system1.  So it is with your dog.    As you see in the graphic, the immune system is strengthened by eating a variety of easily digestible and nourishing food, by getting appropriate exercise, and getting plenty of rest.  Pretty much common sense, right?
    And, if you are like me, you probably don't eat a completely balanced meal every day, but rather eat a variety of food over the course of a week to achieve the nourishment your body needs.  You eat food appropriate for humans (Homo sapiens sapiens) such as fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, (occasional ice cream) etc.  Your dog, however, is a Canis lupus familiaris in the order carnivora (meat eating).  Appropriate food for carnivores includes a variety of meat and small soft digestible bones of naturally grazing small prey animals.  Very, very different food needs!

   You chose to accept your dog into your life and your home with the full understanding that you are entirely responsible for her health and well being.
    What credible food & nourishment knowledge do you have?

    Again, eating a variety of healthy meats is the best way for your dog to support her immune system - naturally.

    So, how can I make a difference in the life of your dog? By coaching you about feeding healthy food in an easy to understand and succinct way.  Here goes...

1 = Google immunotherapy for the latest scientific research in using the body's immune system to target specific disease.  Imagine the possibilities of treating canine diseases as the science is perfected.