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- Why Feed Raw

  • Your dog’s body requires a species-appropriate diet—like all species.  Kibble is NOT species appropriate.  Yes, a BARF diet requires slightly more thinking, time, and effort than simply scooping and dumping kibble in a bowl—exactly what you would expect to do for a cherished companion and family member.
  • Since your dog can no longer choose her own food, you and I must make morally responsible, informed, and intelligent food choice decisions.
  • The better your dog eats today the healthier she will be tomorrow (strong immune, endocrine, digestive,  cardiovascular, and other systems).
Results I’ve seen since feeding a natural raw diet:
  • No ear or skin problems; soft shiny coat
  • Healthy weight
  • Bright clear eyes
  • No dental problems
  • Smaller stools from better digestion (no small matter with three dogs)

Some people proudly declare that dogs have evolved to obtain the maximum benefit from kibble.  Clearly that thinking reflects a ginormous lack of understanding of the evolutionary process.  It takes an incredibly long time for evolution to make a change that significant.
    Look at the images right.  
Top is a dog's mouth (carnivore); bottom human (omnivore).
  • Dog: Teeth evolved to pierce, tear, and crush
  • Human, cow, horse, great ape. Teeth evolved to chew

    Move your lower jaw left and right as if you were chewing and grinding food.  The dog's jaw does not work that way (quite obvious when you look at the teeth).

    So, statements about dogs having evolved to eat and obtain nourishment from kibble clearly reflect the speaker's ignorance.