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Testimonials, Feedback, & Comments

Those who switched their dogs to real food or healthier kibble often ask what they can do to thank me for helping them learn and make the transition. My answer is:
1. Tell someone else! Help another dog
2. Send a brief testimonial.  Share your experience regarding feeding your dog (or cat) healthier food.
3. I also encourage you to provide feedback/comments on how I might improve the web site.

Please sign with your first name, last name initial, city, state, country (e.g., Kim L. Phoenix, AZ USA)

I will post items as they are received.  No identifying information will be posted.

Testimonial General Guidance

1. 100 words or less

2. Complete 20-30 days after the switch

3. Please be more specific than, she is great, loves it. It was easy to switch.

Instead, address specific details (see tips below)

Tips: About the Dog
1. Describe how your dog responded to eating the new diet (e.g. eats without hesitation, doesn't leave food behind anymore, etc.)

2. Describe observable symptoms that appeared, diminished, or disappeared (e.g., scratching, ear odor/scratching, breath, body odor, poop, etc.)

3. Describe noticeable changes in dog behavior (e.g., anxiety, aggression, guarding (food or otherwise), etc.)

Tips: About You

1. How has your understanding / knowledge of dog nourishment and feeding changed you?

2. What was your biggest misconception and how has it changed?

3. What would you say to others contemplating the switch to real food or healthier kibble?

4. What would you say to others who now think you are a wacko?