For Rescues and Shelters

    This offer is for 501(c)(3) canine rescues & shelters in the Sacramento metro area.

    Golden Girls Canine Health (GGCH) is available to present a Raw Feeding Workshop for Dogs as a fundraiser for your organization.  Workshop net proceeds go to the sponsoring rescue/shelter organization—a great way to finance a special fund.

     I’ve been presenting this Raw Feeding Workshop since 2004, sharing what I’ve learned.  I recently moved to the Sacramento area from Fortuna, CA and am looking forward to working with local rescue & shelter volunteers and adopters who truly care to learn the facts about canine food and nourishment that support the lifelong health of rescued dogs.

    Some people—often traditional veterinarians and their staff—are disparaging of the concept of dogs eating an evolutionary raw food diet.  However, a rational person would learn and become knowledgeable about the simple concept and facts supporting a real food diet before summarily dismissing it.  This Raw Feeding Workshop is an opportunity to learn and gain that knowledge.

    The Raw Feeding Workshop is intended for those who are passionate about the long-term health of their canine companion; who are inter­ested and open to healthy alternatives to feeding manufactured kibble day after day, after week, after month, after year.  You will be intrigued by testimonials of your peers who have resolved many canine health problems successfully by simply switching to a real food diet.  Voila!

    Participants will learn:

  • Simple basics of natural balanced meals over time (no cooking)
  • Importance of Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) and calcium
  • Meal preparation: tips & techniques
  • How much to feed
  • What to expect
  • What to avoid
  • Supplements
  • Snacks & treats
  • Food buying, packaging, and storing tips
  • Debunking raw food myths
  • Current health issues that appear to be linked to kibble diets
  • Plus other important 'stuff'

    Participants will also meet like-minded people to serve as future resources - another way friendships begin.

    And, you will learn the insiders' secrets of be­coming a Poop Aficionado—a badge awarded those who are comfortable discussing dog poop analysis as a topic of everyday conversation - in the company of anyone.   Anyone!

    Please contact me about the Raw Feeding Workshop.  I will help with logistics and other information such as location, room size, ideal number of participants, workshop duration, and suggested pricing.

    While involved in Golden Retriever Rescue since 2001, I came to realize that rescues and shelters are generally quite good at intake, placement, and traditional veterinary treatment of medical conditions.  However, rescues are woefully lacking in educating themselves and adopters about the importance nourishing food plays in physiological and even psychological canine health, particularly in maintaining a healthy immune system.  This educational workshop can change that.