Dog Adoption Book

    In 2013 I published the second edition of, Dog Adoption: A Self-Assessment Handbook.  The e-book1 reflects years of dog rescue wisdom - mine and many, many others - as it relates to successful adoption or deciding not to adopt.
    This book is also appropriate for those who already have a dog and would like the benefit of hundreds of hours of research on a variety of dog-related topics.  There are plenty of on-line links to referenced sources and further reading. 
    Special interest topics include senior dog considerations that many people fail to adequately prepare for.

1 = This e-book is available exclusively on but you don’t need a Kindle device because  Amazon offers free Kindle Readers that you can download to your Mac, PC, tablet, and/or smartphone.

How to find and download a free Kindle Reader to non-Kindle devices:
  • On the home page, mouse over Shop by Department / Kindle E-readers & Books  and then click Free Kindle Reading Apps.
  • Download free Kindle Reading Apps software to your computer (PC & Mac), tablet, Smartphone, or you can use Amazon’s free Kindle Cloud Reader.
NOTE:  I downloaded a free Reader App to both my PC and Samsung Galaxy 5 Player (Android) so I can read downloaded Kindle books on both devices.

Now download the e-book:
  • Login to your Amazon account. 
  • Type Dog Adoption Handbook in the Amazon search area or click here
  • Click on the e-book image that appears.
  • Purchase the book and then, from the Deliver to dropdown list, select a Kindle or a device with a Kindle Reader App that you just downloaded.